Britain will promote the development of laser weapons

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Britain will promote the development of laser weapons

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:56 am

British Defense Minister announced that British burning laser directed energy weapons project has entered the final approval stage, the feasibility of the project is mainly to verify the model for the development of laser weapons, laser weapons have combat capability. According to the British Ministry of defense, this laser directed energy weapons contract amounted to 30 million pounds, the European missile group is responsible for the implementation,and this equipment will be delivered in 2019 to carry out the relevant test.

The European missile group will use this high powered burning laser weapon to evaluate the ability of laser directed energy weapons in different distance, terrain and meteorological conditions.
Laser weapon is a weapon that uses high powered laser to shoot the long-range target or to use it to defend the missile. High powered burning laser weapon is not suitable for all-weather, fog, snow, rain and other weather conditions will have great influence on the performance, the atmosphere itself also interferes with laser emission, including the atmosphere absorb laser energy and the atmospheric disturbance will cause energy attenuation. Major military powers in the world are developing laser weapons, but most of them are still in the concept stage.

I was able to flash it on by pushing up or lock it on with easy, by pushing down with my index finger. Switching from laser to light and laser was even easy, but coming back to just laser took a shift of my hand... just briefly. I'm very happy with this combo green laser light.Based on the successful development of short-range laser weapon defense system, in addition to improve system power, we need to pay more attention to the development of high powered laser weapons, new system, new technology weapons.It gave me a focul point, with some perifial view. The green laser stood out within the light and was super easy to acquire. This unit adds weight, but I did not think it created an issue with the gun balance.

I don't usually give products 5 stars - based on the principal that nothing is perfect. But, I can't find a fault with this product. The green laser is very visible in daylight. More visible than the red Crimson Trace grip laser. The tactical flashlight is bright, even in the daytime, it makes a room brighter. I thought the light would be more focused to a spot; but, it has a bright spot with some light spreading around it. I went through the exercise of clearing my house with this light mounted and I found the light to work perfectly. Lastly, the toggle on switch was much more intuitive than I expected.


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