dDefense official at Yonhap News Agency

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dDefense official at Yonhap News Agency

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:01 am

We did some firings during the day and you saw nothing.however at night you got a nice blue green beam. I think it was an argon burning laser pointer but Im not 100%. It was kept covered in Harbour visits and during tours in foreign ports by dignitaries the question was often asked "whats under the cover" Invariably the answer of its a super secret laser to shoot down planes.X-ray free-electron laser is aiding the fight against Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

Within last few months, the bully country North Korea used to attack S. Korea by small drones which cause a lot of violence, these drones can't be targeted by Missiles therefore S. Korea is developing and purchasing high power laser pointer air defense system, S. Korean military officially announced on Wednesday. The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has entered into a project to develop core technologies for a laser weapon. South Korea is to either purchase or build its own laser weapon system to destroy North Korean unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) crossing the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), an official told Yonhap news agency on 28 September.

South Korea will develop or purchase a new 300mw green laser pointer air defense weapon to bring down small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sent by North Korea, military officials said Wednesday.Initial trials of laser weapon revealed 'unprecedented power' of system, and it will now be tested against live targets at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico this year (artist's impression shown). "Amid growing worries about possible terror attacks by North Korea's unmanned drones, we are planning to secure a high-precision weapon which can detect, trace and hit a small aircraft," a defense official told Yonhap News Agency.

Damage wise, a Farwell at 1400 ATK with elemental boosts is about equal to Levantine at 2640. As you augment the weapons up with laser sight weapons, Farwell is going to slightly outpace Levantine, because the ATK increases are going to be further affected by the elemental boosts.Right now, my Farwell is 1800 ATK with 4 +30% Light, so I think I'll just stick with that for Fidel, and Anne's Cathedral weapon as well. Doesn't seem like it'd be very effective or a good use of time to try augmenting Anne or Fidel's stuff when I have their Cathedral weapons fully stacked with Laser Weapon stats boosts and the 4 stacked elemental factors. I'll take some time to work on Victor and Emmerson's weapons, though.

And for years, the technology proved to be elusive.With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's keenness to turn India's land boundary with Pakistan watertight to block any future infiltration bid, NITI Aayog is working on a blueprint to give border policing a "technological edge" consisting of laser precision weapons and fencing.laser weapons that could defeat a foe for pennies when compared with the expensive kinetic weapons the department relies on.


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