Powerful Laser Sight Weapon

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Powerful Laser Sight Weapon

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:53 am

High power semiconductor laser chip is the foundation of the whole laser processing industry( 10000mw laser is the most popular laser), which can be widely used in advanced manufacturing, medical cosmetology, aerospace, security and other fields. Europe and other developed countries at the leading level in the study of high power and high efficiency semiconductor laser chip, the current domestic practical high power semiconductor laser tube are almost rely on imports, which seriously restrict the development of China's laser technology.

Initial one I received was defective (looks like it was missing the internal spring for battery) but company responded immediately and got me a replacement sent ASAP. This high powered laser works great,mounts easy and both switches work great depending on your need.The development of laser weapon in China was first started in March 1964, but the great progress was made after the reform and opening up. Laser technology is one of the subjects in the 863 plan.

Chinese scientists have created the most powerful red laser pointer ,and may be widely applied in the field of nuclear physics and high tech weapons etc.. The peak power of the laser is 5.13 beats, and the duration is 30 fs. Output power is 2.5 times more than Japan's laser.Although the Chinese scientists developed the most powerful laser. But there is no doubt that this laser technology has developed to a certain extent, it is possible to form the boundaries of the use of the passover.

A friend bought this laser sight for me because I was changing the scope on his rifle for one I had. It's intended purpose was to line it up with the current accurate scope and then match the new scope to the laser at the same range the first was set for. It did exactly what we needed it to do. When we put the new scope on and lined it up with the laser we tested to rifle and were only a 1/2" off at 100 yards. After that we decided to recoil test the laser and see if it would hold zero for a few different calibers. 223 had no trouble, 6.8 spc held zero for 40 rounds, 308 held as well. Only trouble we ran into was the laser would drop slightly after every few rounds from my 458 socom. Not much holds up to the recoil of hot loads in the 458 socom so only dropping slightly left me highly impressed with this laser. I'm going to order a couple more

"High efficiency, high power semiconductor laser chip research broke China's high-end semiconductor laser chip long-term dependence on imports.


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